Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost

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1 Litre


Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is a high-quality plant metabolic booster, growth bio-stimulant and health promoter, innovated with passion and blended with care using only the finest tirelessly sourced ingredients.  It contains natural metabolic stimulants and plant available energy sources, helping fuel all of your plants bio-systems and greatly improving the efficiency of your plants nutrient use.  This keeps them in a healthy and hungry state of peak production.

Advanced Meta-Boost also contains a unique, full spectrum of Amino Acids, Auxins and other natural bio-stimulants that your plants need throughout its life cycle.  This maintains peak levels within your plants, aiding them and saving them vital energy from making their own.  With the addition of Betaine Glycerine to strengthen your plants and help them overcome stressful situations, you can be sure that Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is the most advanced, high quality and full concentrate growth acceleration formula available offering real value for money in comparison to other growth accelerator products.



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