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Be Street Smart with Street Light

Street Light CFL Lamps

We at U-Grow Hydroponics are proud to now stock the Street Light range of CFL lamps in stock.

They have an integrated Electronic Ballast so no need to layout extra funds, they have huge life, 8000 hours which with continual use would last for 333 days! They are also energy efficient and have cooler running temperatures than standard HPS bulbs.

They come in a  range of sizes and are colour coordinated for ease of use:

Blue for the Growing Stage come in 125W, 250W and 300W

Red for the Bloom Stage also come in 125W, 250W and 300W

Purple is the dual which is ideal for both Growing and Bloom stages and come in 250W and 300W


Prices start from just £20.00 and can be found in-store or online here – Grow Lights



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